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About ONLI 

ONLI is a lifestyle brand for the unique individuals who like to make a statement through design. Originating as a simple idea from Hampton, VA in 2016, to now being a full fledged community thanks to our supporters. Each piece is hand crafted and made with you and your everyday lives in mind. Quality is our focal point, matched with customer care, bringing each of supporters the ultimate experience.  

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FullSizeRender 3.jpg

How It Started 

ONlI was quite literally created in a garage as an idea in 2016 in Hampton, Virginia. Later in 2017 that idea had the chance to come to fruition via the form of a senior art project (pictured left) at Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Virginia. During this project I was able to transform an ordinary space into a pop-up shop, serving over 150+ customers in weekend. After having the successful pop-up it was time to make ONLI a real thing, I started focusing in on quality and brand identity and here we are today. 

Where We're Headed 

Our mission is to continue to fill the void where quality and thought meet.  Making sure that we stay true to ourselves is important while also making sure to be impactful where necessary. As we've grown our standards have risen, and will continue to do so to meet the needs of our supporters. 

"No Wasted Effort" 

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